• Every day, the team at SESL strives to deliver improved services that pamper and delight its customers.

    These include:

    • Roadside assistance – 24/7, all year, rain or shine, throughout Trinidad.
    • Free loaners – brand new or nearly new models – always clean and maintained.
    • Full GPS tracking for the safety of our drivers.
    • Door-to-door pickup/delivery to any location of customer’s choice.
    • Periodic, 90-day maintenance check, replacing lubricants and filter. Tyres and battery are changed as required. 100% cost for SESL’s account.
    • 100% Insurance coverage – full comprehensive or company fleet policy. Both offer the same protection with a limited excess for minor damage, total loss or theft.
    • Hassle-free processing of accident claims – at your time and place convenience.
    • Airport parking or storage. SESL will retrieve your vehicle from the airport, carry out a maintenance check as required, place in storage, wash vehicle on day of arrival and return to the airport.